Kilmartin to Ardrishaig.

I am not alone with him. As I said last night Lynne joined us. Somebody to talk to. Mind you she was as bad as him about stopping me swimming in the canal. Something about getting me out again. So what just let me get in.

The walk started  at Kilmartin and fortunately it was not opening time or he would have been back in ogling at that bar lady again. We walked back the road for a bit and I thought that we were heading back to Lewis. After he promised to drive me back. However we soon headed south towards the Crinan Canal. They kept waxing lyrical about the bluebells and how wonderful they were. Maybe so, but I don’t see colours like they do. But they are nice to run through as they tickle what, he calls, my undercarriage. Whatever!



We had to walk on a road for a few miles. No lead though as I was so good at getting off the road when a car approached. Anything to keep him happy. When we reached the canal we walked on what he called the towpath – no way was I going to be hired to pull any of these big boats along so I kept well enough ahead so that they could not catch me.


4 knots. No chance he will reach that heady speed!Image

Life after death. Reminds me of him!

We came across one of these failing business’s that he keeps wanting to champion. This advert is half a mile from the road, you cannot see it from the canal and it is a mile to walk to see it. 



If you cannot support this failing business then you can always send your money to Macmillan Tribute Funds – Margot Pratt.


HEADS DOWN………….Ehh….!!

We arrived in Ardrishaig and he pointed ahead to Goatfell where the walk will end. That’s still miles away!!!Image

I liked it better on Lewis when you told me we were going for a walk up Goatfell. Then I could not see Goatfell.

We are now four days ahead of schedule and will wait for the Hogroast at Ardfern. I will help to get ready for the event and he will, as usual get in the way. Hope he will take me for some walks every day. I will keep you informed.Image


Glen Domhain (Doh-vin) to Ardfern then to Kilmartin.


Black Beauty and Glen Domhain.

Today was fantastic. Really hot in my black fur coat but he let me swim in every stream and loch. So pat on the back for him – just one though. Hard. Lots of stops to take photos with that bloody camera (Margot’s sentiments). I tend to agree with her. There are all sorts of better memories. Smells for instance. Bottle them and take them home to enjoy. Dead animals . Take them home and I will teach him how to roll in them – not that he needs to. He actually smells nice after a hot day’s walking.

Not sure if they really know where they are going for most of the time.


I’m telling you it’s this way. Someone has turned the pointer round! How long have you lived in this area David.

We found the Roebuck stone carved by whom? when? Who cares? Come on, get a move on we can’t eat it.Image

The Roebuck Stone.

This one spooked them (wimps that they are).Image

Phew. That was close. I think it has stopped breathing.

Probably right the speed that they move at.

We had lunch at Ardfern Yacht Centre – well they did. I got a biscuit then David took us across the loch to walk to Kilmartin. I did not like the noisy engine on the boat. He even gave me a cuddle . Temporary abberation! Another gravelly forestry track.

We (HE) had a pint in the pub at Kilmartin and he chatted to the curvy barmaid. Poor me. Neglected again. Where is that phone?

I wonder what is in store for tomorrow. At least Lynne is coming. She likes me because I have not been sick on her carpet. Yet!Image

Ardfern Yacht Centre from the other side of Loch Craignish.

More Argyll Miles

Today was warm, sunny and surrounded by lovely people – David, Lynne, Jane, John and well, HIM.

Lots of sheep around when we started up the hills so HE put me on a lead for a while. Who does he think I am? I walk every day at home and I have never chased a sheep. I am surrounded by them and cows and would love to play with them but he does not let me so just to keep him happy, I don’t. Anyway he met this lovely (sensible) farmer and he asked him if it would be OK to let her (me) off the lead. He did say I was perfectly well behaved with other animals so I have to appreciate that! Maybe.Image

The lovely farmer with his dogs playing with the sheep!

Anyway I was allowed off the lead and I played the game and stayed with him. BUT the lambs are so lovely and I am sure that they would love to play with me.

Soon they stopped to have a bite to eat. I am HERE, is it not time for biccies. None appeared for ages so I borrowed his phone.Image

Hello is that the RSPCA? D..n! They are closed till Monday!?

The phone is his ! Pink! What does that say about him? Well I don’t know.

Eventually he had a panic about cruelty charges and gave me lots of biccies. I will keep that tactic tucked away for future. Maybe some day I will be as fat as him. Chance is a fine thing?

I enjoyed the first part of the walk over the hills. But I was worried about John and Jane. Look at this photo!Image

His and Her’s. Reminds me of him and Margot. Bit sad is it not!

The walk finished off on a forestry road and finally on a tarmac road. Not good on the old pads.

We are based at David and Lynne’s for a few days and at least I am getting a lot of attention here. So is he!


Base Camp for a few days.

Rest day tomorrow but no doubt there will be something for me to tell (moan) about. Then the final leg to Ardfern and that roast pig he promised me. Yahoo.

The String of Lorne

Today’s walk was not just me and him. His pals David, Lynne, John, Jane, Colin and Linda joined us for a walk over this old coffin road. These were tracks that were used to carry coffins from one area to a more suitable burial place. He says that whisky would be used as fuel to help the coffin bearers over the steep pass. I think that he thought that it would be a good idea to fuel up. Colin and Linda brought their border terrier Amy as company for me. Extra biccies today – he was probably trying to prove how kind he is to me in case I call in the RSPCA. We then walked along the road to the top of a glen where we will start our walk tomorrow.

Todays problem – he could not work his phone camera for me to send photos to my lovely aunt Nina. How am I supposed to keep in contact with my fan club?

Tomorrow will take us within a day of Ardfern where the lovely Joanna is organising a hog roast for all of the people that use the yacht centre. I hope that they bring money with them to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support as they were excellent with mummy when she was ill. It would help them to give help to others.Image


He was waiting with his camera, hoping someone would fall in. Really nice isn’t he!


Linda,  Amy, Colin, Jane, John, Beautiful one, David and Lynne.

What disasters will tomorrow bring.

First day ashore.


Oh dear is this an omen! What are these people doing here? Do they know something is going to happen on September 18th to cause them to urgently look for business up here. Three nations? What could that mean? He says England, Wales and Northern Ireland is all that will be left! Wow that could mean a problem for anyone wants to contribute to Margot’s Tribute Fund. Hmmm…. what if Osbourne is right and Scotland cannot use the pound? Better get these contributions coming in fast before exchange rates become an issue! This vehicle was seen at the ferry terminal at Lochboisdale.

We had a really pleasant trip to Oban. Very calm. He forgot my bowl for water so I was very thirsty when we arrived in Oban. What did he do then. Get me water? No he went to Tesco’s to buy more whisky. Priorities!

Then we walked to Kilmore via mainly roads and he remembered the lead. Great! He kept waxing lyrical about the colours and then cursing the flat battery in his camera. He had left it switched on all night so no more photies today. Nothing changes.

We had to walk for a mile along a very fast, busy road. He was not happy and I even less so. Glad he kept me on the lead but don’t tell him I said so. What disasters will tomorrow bring?

Day 7 – we seem to have lost a day somewhere – his fault. Not very clever

Today we walked on the machair and sand dunes after 2 more miles on the road. He made me use a lead after yesterday’s near mishap so no freedom, no swimming. Once we were off the road – YAHOO – catch me if you can! We walked over the machair area which is also used by the MOD for weapons practice. Did not enjoy that possibility especially after we passed this sign.Image

He started muttering about parking plates then flying saucers and aliens landing to spy on the firing range. Sci-Fi battles and so on. No likey.Image

                         Come on let’s get out of here. This way.

We passed lots of cows with their offspring. He gets awful nervous and will not allow me to play with them. A lot of the cattle were inside low white fences and again he tried to stop me going near the fence. Just who is boss here. I’ll show you! OUCH!!!! and much worse words than that. My ears stood on end and my beautiful fur coat tried to leave me. Now he is going to have to buy me anti frizz shampoo. Serves him right for not teaching me about electric fences.

A lot of the ground is ploughed for oats and rye (whatever these are?).Image

Tonight I thought that the end of the world had arrived. They were very unhappy and grumpy. All because that stuff that seems to make them happy had run out. I think they call it whisky. As soon as they drink it they seem to laugh and be very happy. Sometimes he lets me lick some off his fingers. I quite like it as my head goes all funny and tickly.Image

            Woops. One too many.


Day 8

He was moaning that it is always photos of me that are posted so here is one of him to keep a smile on his face!Image

   I am the good looking one. In the lead of course!

A good walk with more forbidden cattle. Only 10 miles with the last three on the road. shhhh.. he forgot the lead. Whoopee!

David wants him to tow this van back so that he can make a campervan better than his.Image

We have reached Lochboisdale and the ferry is not until Friday morning so tomorrow is a day of rest. No chance I still need a walk.

We arrive in Oban on Friday afternoon and will walk ten miles.

Walkies tomorrow! Watch this space.