Final few miles to the foot of Goatfell.

Today was a short walk along Forestry roads and tracks Once again we were joined by Kay and she brought Hector, a massive German Wire Haired Pointer. He was so huge that Meg and I were a wee bit scared. We soon found that he was OK but quite heavy when he accidentally jumped on top of my sister. Along the side of the road were hundreds of pools big enough for Meg and I to swim in but too small for Hector. He just got covered in mud and was minging by the end of the walk. No way was he allowed in Jim’s car so he and Kay had to walk back to their home in Brodick. Meanwhile Meg and I were clean and beautiful. As always.Image

At one point we had to cross a small stream. He came up with a brilliant idea – we would cross using what he called a bridge. Well, why did we no do that yesterday when he fell in the big river? There was one of these bridge things a short way up the river. Is he really fit to be responsible for a poor vulnerable dog? His camera, by the way, is OK. He spent hours drying it out. So lots of stops (rests) to take of photies. He should really concentrate on drying out himself. Far too much of that whisky stuff!


We soon reached the path that we will take to climb Goatfell on Saturday. On Saturday we will be joined by lots of friends (people who are nice enough to feel sorry for him). I hope they all have pockets full of biccies!Image

My friends Cal Mac with their ferry Isle of Arran ready to save me another long swim.

Tomorrow he says is a day of rest. Whoa! Hang on! Meg and I better get a walk or we will come and poo in your campervan!



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