Day one on Arran.

Well. This was an interesting day. The plan was to walk from Lochranza to just beyond the village of Corrie where he first stayed on Arran and where he worked to get a pension to feed me. Mission accomplished. The walk was brilliant as I had my sister Meg to play with and my auntie Kay to keep him in order. Actually she overstepped the mark and tried to keep me and sis in order. Tried!

On the way to Lochranza he got a phone call from my lovely Aunt Nina (by the way far too good for his son Campbell). She had tweeted Arran Distillery to suggest that he might need some help up Goatfell on Saturday. They have very generously donated a fine bottle of 10 year old Single Arran malt to give everyone a snifter at the top of the mountain. How appropriate as Arran whiskies (all of them by the way) were Margot’s favourite tipple. You should have seen his face when he came out of the Distillery clutching the bottle! Thank goodness something could put a smile on his face. Alas! The smiles would not last all day!


Me and sis looking over the hills that produce the special water for the Distillery.

The walk up the hill with sis was special as we had not seen each other for over eight months. Meg still rolls in every dead animal whereas I have really become quite sophisticated and only occasionally roll to get him worked up. We walked over a ridge and then down to Laggan cottage on the North shore of Arran. Sea, water, swim.


Lunch time at Laggan Cottage.Image

Just like the old days when Cal mac used to have the name of the pier on a notice and he instantly could tell where we were!

We walked on to North Glen Sannox where we had to cross over a river. He used a few stepping stones before he slipped gracefully under the water. Meg and I thought it was a game and joined in splashing all round him causing him to fall again. Soon we realised from his words to us that his was no game. That very expensive camera equally did not enjoy the game. Neither did his I Phone. An hour later with everything wiped except for him (tee hee) we walked to the road at Sannox Village. This was done in silence.

Now seven hours later he has dried out that b….y camera enough to download some photies.

Tomorrow we have to walk a short walk to get us to the bottom of Goatfell.

Hope he has calmed down before then. Anyway sis and Kay should cheer him up if I cannot. Wish me luck!


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