Rest days and Hogroast.

This has been a be nice to Tess period. We have done lots of short walks and even been allowed to have swims.Image


Clean dog!

The Hogroast was last night and 200 people all came to see me. I was the star of the show but I found it a bit overwhelming and had to ask him to say all the thanks to all the people. What a fantastic effort by all of the Yard staff, by Micheal with the Hogroast who gave 10% of his fee as a donation, the band Murray, Nigel and Tom who played for no fee and a special thank you to Joanna who hosted, organised and funded the Hogroast.

Many thanks also to all who donated generously to Macmillan Cancer Support. We raised a staggering £4014.16p. This will take a few days to filter through to the Tribute Page but brings the total up to nearly £11,000. Well done everyone.

After eating the band played and although everyone enjoyed it I do not like lots of noise so went back to the campervan to sleep.Image

You can tell from my face that I really love dressing up.


Thanks again to Cal Mac for saving me some long swims!

It is pouring with rain and he says we are going to walk a few miles this afternoon. Thinks – RSPCA.


Then we are walking at 4am the next morning to avoid traffic. Beam me up Scottie.


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