Kilmartin to Ardrishaig.

I am not alone with him. As I said last night Lynne joined us. Somebody to talk to. Mind you she was as bad as him about stopping me swimming in the canal. Something about getting me out again. So what just let me get in.

The walk started  at Kilmartin and fortunately it was not opening time or he would have been back in ogling at that bar lady again. We walked back the road for a bit and I thought that we were heading back to Lewis. After he promised to drive me back. However we soon headed south towards the Crinan Canal. They kept waxing lyrical about the bluebells and how wonderful they were. Maybe so, but I don’t see colours like they do. But they are nice to run through as they tickle what, he calls, my undercarriage. Whatever!



We had to walk on a road for a few miles. No lead though as I was so good at getting off the road when a car approached. Anything to keep him happy. When we reached the canal we walked on what he called the towpath – no way was I going to be hired to pull any of these big boats along so I kept well enough ahead so that they could not catch me.


4 knots. No chance he will reach that heady speed!Image

Life after death. Reminds me of him!

We came across one of these failing business’s that he keeps wanting to champion. This advert is half a mile from the road, you cannot see it from the canal and it is a mile to walk to see it. 



If you cannot support this failing business then you can always send your money to Macmillan Tribute Funds – Margot Pratt.


HEADS DOWN………….Ehh….!!

We arrived in Ardrishaig and he pointed ahead to Goatfell where the walk will end. That’s still miles away!!!Image

I liked it better on Lewis when you told me we were going for a walk up Goatfell. Then I could not see Goatfell.

We are now four days ahead of schedule and will wait for the Hogroast at Ardfern. I will help to get ready for the event and he will, as usual get in the way. Hope he will take me for some walks every day. I will keep you informed.Image


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