Glen Domhain (Doh-vin) to Ardfern then to Kilmartin.


Black Beauty and Glen Domhain.

Today was fantastic. Really hot in my black fur coat but he let me swim in every stream and loch. So pat on the back for him – just one though. Hard. Lots of stops to take photos with that bloody camera (Margot’s sentiments). I tend to agree with her. There are all sorts of better memories. Smells for instance. Bottle them and take them home to enjoy. Dead animals . Take them home and I will teach him how to roll in them – not that he needs to. He actually smells nice after a hot day’s walking.

Not sure if they really know where they are going for most of the time.


I’m telling you it’s this way. Someone has turned the pointer round! How long have you lived in this area David.

We found the Roebuck stone carved by whom? when? Who cares? Come on, get a move on we can’t eat it.Image

The Roebuck Stone.

This one spooked them (wimps that they are).Image

Phew. That was close. I think it has stopped breathing.

Probably right the speed that they move at.

We had lunch at Ardfern Yacht Centre – well they did. I got a biscuit then David took us across the loch to walk to Kilmartin. I did not like the noisy engine on the boat. He even gave me a cuddle . Temporary abberation! Another gravelly forestry track.

We (HE) had a pint in the pub at Kilmartin and he chatted to the curvy barmaid. Poor me. Neglected again. Where is that phone?

I wonder what is in store for tomorrow. At least Lynne is coming. She likes me because I have not been sick on her carpet. Yet!Image

Ardfern Yacht Centre from the other side of Loch Craignish.


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