More Argyll Miles

Today was warm, sunny and surrounded by lovely people – David, Lynne, Jane, John and well, HIM.

Lots of sheep around when we started up the hills so HE put me on a lead for a while. Who does he think I am? I walk every day at home and I have never chased a sheep. I am surrounded by them and cows and would love to play with them but he does not let me so just to keep him happy, I don’t. Anyway he met this lovely (sensible) farmer and he asked him if it would be OK to let her (me) off the lead. He did say I was perfectly well behaved with other animals so I have to appreciate that! Maybe.Image

The lovely farmer with his dogs playing with the sheep!

Anyway I was allowed off the lead and I played the game and stayed with him. BUT the lambs are so lovely and I am sure that they would love to play with me.

Soon they stopped to have a bite to eat. I am HERE, is it not time for biccies. None appeared for ages so I borrowed his phone.Image

Hello is that the RSPCA? D..n! They are closed till Monday!?

The phone is his ! Pink! What does that say about him? Well I don’t know.

Eventually he had a panic about cruelty charges and gave me lots of biccies. I will keep that tactic tucked away for future. Maybe some day I will be as fat as him. Chance is a fine thing?

I enjoyed the first part of the walk over the hills. But I was worried about John and Jane. Look at this photo!Image

His and Her’s. Reminds me of him and Margot. Bit sad is it not!

The walk finished off on a forestry road and finally on a tarmac road. Not good on the old pads.

We are based at David and Lynne’s for a few days and at least I am getting a lot of attention here. So is he!


Base Camp for a few days.

Rest day tomorrow but no doubt there will be something for me to tell (moan) about. Then the final leg to Ardfern and that roast pig he promised me. Yahoo.


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