The String of Lorne

Today’s walk was not just me and him. His pals David, Lynne, John, Jane, Colin and Linda joined us for a walk over this old coffin road. These were tracks that were used to carry coffins from one area to a more suitable burial place. He says that whisky would be used as fuel to help the coffin bearers over the steep pass. I think that he thought that it would be a good idea to fuel up. Colin and Linda brought their border terrier Amy as company for me. Extra biccies today – he was probably trying to prove how kind he is to me in case I call in the RSPCA. We then walked along the road to the top of a glen where we will start our walk tomorrow.

Todays problem – he could not work his phone camera for me to send photos to my lovely aunt Nina. How am I supposed to keep in contact with my fan club?

Tomorrow will take us within a day of Ardfern where the lovely Joanna is organising a hog roast for all of the people that use the yacht centre. I hope that they bring money with them to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support as they were excellent with mummy when she was ill. It would help them to give help to others.Image


He was waiting with his camera, hoping someone would fall in. Really nice isn’t he!


Linda,  Amy, Colin, Jane, John, Beautiful one, David and Lynne.

What disasters will tomorrow bring.


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