First day ashore.


Oh dear is this an omen! What are these people doing here? Do they know something is going to happen on September 18th to cause them to urgently look for business up here. Three nations? What could that mean? He says England, Wales and Northern Ireland is all that will be left! Wow that could mean a problem for anyone wants to contribute to Margot’s Tribute Fund. Hmmm…. what if Osbourne is right and Scotland cannot use the pound? Better get these contributions coming in fast before exchange rates become an issue! This vehicle was seen at the ferry terminal at Lochboisdale.

We had a really pleasant trip to Oban. Very calm. He forgot my bowl for water so I was very thirsty when we arrived in Oban. What did he do then. Get me water? No he went to Tesco’s to buy more whisky. Priorities!

Then we walked to Kilmore via mainly roads and he remembered the lead. Great! He kept waxing lyrical about the colours and then cursing the flat battery in his camera. He had left it switched on all night so no more photies today. Nothing changes.

We had to walk for a mile along a very fast, busy road. He was not happy and I even less so. Glad he kept me on the lead but don’t tell him I said so. What disasters will tomorrow bring?


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