Day 7 – we seem to have lost a day somewhere – his fault. Not very clever

Today we walked on the machair and sand dunes after 2 more miles on the road. He made me use a lead after yesterday’s near mishap so no freedom, no swimming. Once we were off the road – YAHOO – catch me if you can! We walked over the machair area which is also used by the MOD for weapons practice. Did not enjoy that possibility especially after we passed this sign.Image

He started muttering about parking plates then flying saucers and aliens landing to spy on the firing range. Sci-Fi battles and so on. No likey.Image

                         Come on let’s get out of here. This way.

We passed lots of cows with their offspring. He gets awful nervous and will not allow me to play with them. A lot of the cattle were inside low white fences and again he tried to stop me going near the fence. Just who is boss here. I’ll show you! OUCH!!!! and much worse words than that. My ears stood on end and my beautiful fur coat tried to leave me. Now he is going to have to buy me anti frizz shampoo. Serves him right for not teaching me about electric fences.

A lot of the ground is ploughed for oats and rye (whatever these are?).Image

Tonight I thought that the end of the world had arrived. They were very unhappy and grumpy. All because that stuff that seems to make them happy had run out. I think they call it whisky. As soon as they drink it they seem to laugh and be very happy. Sometimes he lets me lick some off his fingers. I quite like it as my head goes all funny and tickly.Image

            Woops. One too many.


Day 8

He was moaning that it is always photos of me that are posted so here is one of him to keep a smile on his face!Image

   I am the good looking one. In the lead of course!

A good walk with more forbidden cattle. Only 10 miles with the last three on the road. shhhh.. he forgot the lead. Whoopee!

David wants him to tow this van back so that he can make a campervan better than his.Image

We have reached Lochboisdale and the ferry is not until Friday morning so tomorrow is a day of rest. No chance I still need a walk.

We arrive in Oban on Friday afternoon and will walk ten miles.

Walkies tomorrow! Watch this space.


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