Day 6


I have a plan! Why do I not drive and then you two can walk.

Today was a short 10 mile day and very nearly my last day ever. I spotted a dead bird on the road to either eat or roll on. I crossed the road and a car had to break very hard and was only two inches from me. He shouted at me but eventually gave me a huge hug.

The wind was very strong and we had to walk into it all morning. There was also very heavy rain showers.

We saw an otter and I wanted to go and sniff it but spoil sport would not let me. He said that it would bite me. How could it even think about such a beautiful dog!

We also saw deer with their antlers still in velvet.

Today we arrived in South Uist and are having a relaxed afternoon.


One thought on “Day 6

  1. Avidly following your walk. So glad that Tess is looking after you. today’s near miss was too much excitement!

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