Day 5


MUM you told us that low tide was NOW!!!

Today was a west highland day. His head was down and my silky ears were blown back. Lots of wind and even more rain and HE would not let me swim in the lochs in case I got wet!? Most of the walk was on a road and he kept telling me that we would stop In a mile. 17 miles later we arrived in Grimsay Island and now have six days to do 30 miles before we get the ferry to Oban. This was not a good day. However we ended up in a campsite with electricity and the heater is running full blast so that he can get the best out of the fee! Now my beautiful ears are pointing down, dry and warm. He is now really pleased with me as he no longer has to tell me to go into the side of the road as I move long before he hears a car coming. I think we could even end up as friends at the end of this walk. Biccie consumption is going up! I like this photo of my fantastic ears ( Shhh…. so does he). Got him on to spell check after yesterdays effort. Image

Even swept back are they not fantastic so why does he keep flapping them forward. He says it is affection. Hmmm.


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