Day three and four



Today was a long day walking to Tarbert and then down the Golden Road on the west coast of Harris. Strong cold wind to walk into to Tarbert. Thank goodness for a thick black fur coat. He did a lot of moaning! Must not say too much as once we passed Tarbert the wind disappeared and the sun was out – black fur coat!? HE let me swim in every loch and river that we passed. Cool. Also a good day biccies wise.

We had one argument. He wanted to place an advert to help out a local tradesman. Surely you can not do that other than for Macmillan? He took some photos and insisted that Shonnie needed some help in his business venture. HE won so here is the advert and he has asked me to emphasise this man’s struggling business and this is his latest show house. Funds have restricted progress.



This was a good day and we ended up in the most incredible caravan sight at Flodibay. The site is high up on a perch from which Skye is on the horizon. Also to be seen are otters, Sea Eagles etc. Free fishing and even a three hole golf course.

This photo is the most beautiful dog in the world looking really cool!Image

The next day we walked on the road to the ferry at Leverburgh. Rain yuk!

Walked another five miles on North Uist even more yuk.

He (they) are now drinking whisky in a local house. It is not their whisky so I am just ignored. Maybe short walk tomorrow! Who knows?

Watch this space.


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