Day one and two

tesswalk day 1 and 2 052

Come on you guys I am ready. You spent the last two days packing the van, buying food for yourselves when I only get the same old dried muck, losing van keys and drinking copious amounts of whisky. Lets walk!

Day one.

After scattering some ashes on the beach (another snifter!) we went home and invited some friends to share some more whisky. I got an extra biscuit. really is a dog’s life. On day one of the walk we were joined by Lucy (Margot’s daughter) and one of her sons, Gregor. Thank goodness for some real people. This walk was mainly on the r0ad and for a dog really boring. “Tess into the side, car coming” , “Stay beside me” etc. etc.

It rained and I got a row for disappearing into a loch.  This what dogs do and it saved them washing me at the end of the day.

Day two.

This I heard them saying would be a hard day crossing moors, bogs, rivers and hills. We padded up a road to begin ( we met three dogs that wanted to make puppies but I fooled them by sitting on my tail until they were called back by their master – wimps, master what’s a master!) We got to the houses that belonged to Morsgail estate. He and Margot looked after the estate way back in history around the year 1997 AD (I think – the AD bit I mean). After that we ran, well I did and they slithered round a loch and across  a moor to the head of a sea loch called Loch Resort. They were awful slow and seemed to crawl round the wet boggy bits. Meanwhile I explored most of the bog and all done in sorties of a straight line while they would often sink into the mire. Says a lot maybe if they lost a bit of weight and were as beautiful as I am they could have the same fun as me. Lots of sitting down and eating, lots of stopping so that he could use that camera thing. Do not have a clue what it does but they keep talking about memories and remembering this day. Why do they not collect real memories like smells.

We crossed the moor then followed a river to some lochs and then we had to walk six miles along a road “Tess into the side……..”

They were proud that they walked twenty miles and nobody said well done to me for doing fifty miles. Any way I should be grateful as he gave me extra biscuits and a bigger dinner. Roll on tomorrow maybe I could do sixty miles and get a slap up meal! By the way they went to a restaurant the day before we started the walk and left me outside in the car while they got even fatter. My meal was two hours late.

I do not know what tomorrow brings. They talked about Tarbert (another restaurant another wait for dinner for me) then down the Golden Road towards Leverborugh. We will see. Long lie is more like it. Sign in and I will keep you up to date on their antics.

Lots of love and licks.

Tess.tesswalk day 1 and 2 053


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