Oor Wee Walk by Tess

Uig SandsFlowers and Reef 065In May I am setting off to walk from Reef Beach on the West coast of Lewis through the Outer Hebrides to Lochboisdale, then by ferry to Oban. From Oban I will walk to Arran and climb Goatfell. This is in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and in memory of my mistress – Margot – who I thought was very cool. Also tagging along will be my master – Alistair – well he thinks he is my master but I really control him and by the way he is not so cool. He is only allowed to join me as his pension buys my food and treats. I am allowing him to bring a friend – David Wilkie.  I know it is difficult to believe he has any friends! David is getting on a bit but not as much as him. He is also cooler than him as he gives me more treats. Soft touch really.

We will walk over tracks that are made by rabbits, deer and other wonderfully smelling animals. The dead ones are best especially when you roll in them. David and he will moan about my smells for the first few days but after a few days walking they will smell equally good. We will be using our campervan for sleeping. Can you imagine the aromas once the central heating fires up.

We set off on the 1st of May and I will try to keep you updated as to whether they can keep up with me and how well they treat me. Friends are welcome to join us on sections of the walk and my blog will let you know where we will be on different days. Just as well that I am doing the blog because he will be far too exhausted at night.

The blog will start when the walk starts in May.


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